What’s the game about?

This is a building game, resource management and multiplayer battles.

In order to advance in the game you must grow your village, build gold mines, distilleries of mana and training circuses you’ll use to improve your facilities and your team.

You also have to improve your stadium to host top players and rebuild the heroes quarry to sign the true gods for your team.

In the game you compete against other players around the world, so that you win and accumulating trophies and so moving up the rankings leagues.

There are three different basic leagues (bronze, silver and gold) formed by three levels each, participating in leagues get extra boots and premium currency.

Then there is the Champions League, where as you improve and winning competitions, you can compete for real prizes: shirts, tickets, balls …

Can you remove any of the buildings built?

No, for the moment this functionality is not available, however, we are going to include it soon in the next game updates.

Is there no use guide?

The game includes tutorials for different processes, to help players understand the game correctly.

Can you put a custom avatar?

You can personalize your own avatar from the options menu.

I’m constantly attacked, Is there any solution?

One of the features that will be launched in the coming months is to put a temporary shield over your village to avoid being attacked.

How can get more gems?

You can get gems through a purchase, in missions or as a reward after each victory in the Golden League.

The game says that I’m out of league.

The leagues have a particular duration, so when time ends all players are expelled from the league. To return to competition all you have to do is to complete an attack against another player.

What are the differences between normal players and heroes?

The main difference between regular players and Heroes is that normal players can be upgraded to level 7, while the heroes can be upgraded to level 10 in each skill. In addition, the Heroes have 4 vital points while the rest of the players only have 3.

In addition, the heroes have their own attack or defense dice with applicable special abilities during battle.

¿What are the special abilities of heroes?

In total, there are 10 Special skills in the heroes’ dices:



Avoid scoring from a shot on goal

Suffocating pressure

Move that assigns 2 additional dices of defense


Protection from injury from an opponent’s tackle


Recover from a sword wound


Cancel out your opponent’s attack


Red card

Staggering play which leads to an opponent’s expulsion for the rest of the match


Game move which injures an opponent


Produces a shot on goal which can only be defended with a block

Total Possesion

Completely cancel any of your opponent’s defenses

Super Attack

Play assigns 2 additional attack dice

How can I get real players for battles?

In order to have the real players (or heroes) you will have to collect enough gold to improve Heroes quarry building. Once you improved this building you can buy enough players available through the use of shields or gold depending on the level where you are.

What heroes can I get?

In the current version you can get: Messius, Ibrahimovikius, De Gius, Pogbanus, David Lucius, Lucius Suarez, Griezus. In addition, more heroes will be available in future updates.

Is it true you can win official prizes ?

Yes, as you’re winning trophies in the game, you are going up positions in the league to reach the Champions League. The higher you are in the ranking, the more chances you have to win one of the official awards of the game.

It doesn’t load

We would appreciate it if you send us an email describing your problem support@lampedusadigital.com. We will try to find the best solution.

The game is not compatible with Talkback

For the moment, the game is in a very basic release version. However, we will consider it for future updates.

Is it possible to join clans with other players?

At the moment you can not do clans. However, we will introduce new features in the next updates we hope you like them.

How can I get more Gems?

Purchases for Android devices are made through Google Payments service for which its needed previously register.

In the case of any problems with the settings of your Google Payments account we suggest you to send an email to Google.

Purchases for iOS devices are made through AppStore or iTunes service for which its needed previously register.

In the case of any problems with the settings of your iTunes account we suggest you to send an email to Apple.

I had to leave the game and lost 20 trophies

If you disconnect from the game during a battle you will lose 20 trophies, because in the event that you were losing it might be unfair to the other player. On future occasions we recommend that you wait until the end of the battle to come out and be able to use your device normally.

Instructions to league winners

If you have won one of the prizes of the League, please, send us a message from the game (configuration >> Help and Contact) and include your postal address so we can send you the prize. Thanks and congrats!!

When will i receive my prize?

The process is pending and we hope that you receive your prize as soon as possible.
For the moment, you can take more information about your prize in our Terms and Conditions page.


Please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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